Too often we hear about what needs to be done or where there are gaps - to rarely do we provide solutions.

Sometimes you have to start small small, with just an idea

The Positive Mentoring Program was developed by Grant Westthorp Manager of the Men's Resource Centre to find solutions, to provide preventative measures, resilience and confidence to men.

Participants embark on an adventure-mentoring pathway, learning about decision making, resilience, confidence and consequences. 

Mentors provide support and guidance in a non-threatening platform with small groups or individuals that allows conversations, engagement and reflection.

This program looks to deliver solutions - and give young people some support (and fun) along the way.

We cater for many different groups and many different situations.

We have our own kayaks and mountain bikes for our participants to use, courtesy of a grant from the Commonwealth Bank. There are now two 8 session programs.

Comments from mentees:

The Positive Mentoring Program has helped me to find balance and harmony on an otherwise hectic life. The MRC has helped me to realise that there are other people who are less fortunate than me and even with trials and tribulations in my life that the more you think positive the more positive outcomes occur.


I came across this Mentoring program whilst getting a supply of Men’s Survival Handbooks for the men in my world. Grant gave me Hope for Recovery for my son when sadly family where not able to step up. Luke has started to come out of his shell again. Facing life with renewed Hope as someone was willing to come by his side and ride life with him. An excellent, life changing Program.

Luke’s mum Cathy Williams