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Men's Resource Centre Services

We will travel anywhere in the state to help your cause and are available to speak nationally at conferences and workshops.

We have delivered wellness checks from across the Great Southern, delivered workshops in in Perth and intra-state and addressed conferences across the country.

Get in contact with us to see what we might be able to do for you or your organisation

Well Man's Wellness Checks

Wellness Checks

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Talk to the MRC Staff about a FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK. You can come into the Men's Resource Centre, or MRC staff can come to your workplace.

FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK covers your physical and mental health and social wellbeing.

Men’s Resource Centre staff will run you through the FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK which includes:

  • Blood Pressure
  • Waist Measurement
  • Mind Health
  • Prostate and Sexual Health Information
  • Alcohol Consumption
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Well Man Top 6 Tips


FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK has been thoroughly evaluated and has a proven success rate, and is shown to be effective at improving participants’ knowledge of health issues and the value of seeing their GP’s on a regular basis.



FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK is a great way of creating a team spirit in your work-force; it also illustrates your concern for your staff’s welfare. The most important asset in a successful business or organisation is productive staff, by completing the FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECK, staff will learn how to stay healthy, physically, mentally and improve social wellbeing.

For more information, or to book a FREE WELL MAN WELLNESS CHECKfor yourself or your business, contact the Men's Resource Centre on 9841 4777, or email by clicking here.


SuicIde Prevention Program

Staying Alive 4 Men

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This program was developed to assist blokes to learn new coping skills or reconnect with old survival skills to make living life a little easier. When you complete the program, share your new skills with mates so that everyone receives the benefit. Remember to reconnect to nature and sunshine (Vitamin D is important for good mental health) and set some time aside every other day to get outdoors.

As blokes we must learn that isolation will lead to loneliness which will lead to making some poor life decisions. It is strength to seek help early if you are feeling overwhelmed, it does take courage taking one small step but it could be life changing.

Social wellbeing is essential for a full and worthwhile existence; get into a habit of connecting to family and friends on a weekly basis. Join clubs and volunteer your time to sporting organisations or charities.

It is not selfish to sort your head out. You are the major priority and if you are not coping with life or having way too much going on in your head take time out to get it sorted. Counselling does work. Seek assistance early and oh yeah, "you do have to be a part of the process to get the full value".

The Staying Alive 4 Men Program is available to community's, businesses and sporting clubs. This is a free program and requires a minimum of 6 participants  The Program includes a Power Point presentation for 60 minutes with 15 minutes for questions and each participant can download the Well Man App which incorporates the 9 Tips for Staying Alive 4 Men (available March). For more information please send us an email.


Good, clear and concise. Thanks.

Good, non threatening and open.

Very genuine, good length, applicable in the work place as well as working with the rural community. Cheers.

Good presentation and a great reminder that not everyone is okay even if they appear so. Thank you.

Thanks for the reminder and refresher.

Increased my knowledge about suicide and what to look for and how to broach the subject. Thank you.

Focused on key messages and fantastic resource/work booklet. Thanks guys.

The Men's Survival Handbook


Survival information to assist men to live longer, healthier and more fulfilling lives.

The Men's Resource Centre has conducted over 8, 000 Wellness Checks - and the Men's Survival Handbook represents the questions we get asked the most, the things that keep on presenting and the things that might help along the way. Presented in an easy to read, easy to relate to manner, the MRC 4th Edition Men's Survival Handbook is now expanded to 46 pages of wisdom and information. 20,000 copies have been distributed Australia wide. These books are available free of charge to community members and can be ordered by organisations for the cost of freight


A program about resilience, mentoring and youth engagement 

Positive Mentoring Program


Too often we hear about what needs to be done or where there are gaps - to rarely do we provide solutions.

Sometimes you have to start small small, with just an idea

The Positive Mentoring Program was developed by Grant Westthorp Manager of the Men's Resource Centre to find solutions, to provide preventative measures, resilience and confidence to men.

Participants embark on an adventure-mentoring pathway, learning about decision making, resilience, confidence and consequences. 

Mentors provide support and guidance in a non-threatening platform with small groups or individuals that allows conversations, engagement and reflection.

This program looks to deliver solutions - and give young people some support (and fun) along the way.

We cater for many different groups and many different situations.

We have our own kayaks and mountain bikes for our participants to use, courtesy of a grant from the Commonwealth Bank. There are now two 8 session programs.

Comments from mentees:

The Positive Mentoring Program has helped me to find balance and harmony on an otherwise hectic life. The MRC has helped me to realise that there are other people who are less fortunate than me and even with trials and tribulations in my life that the more you think positive the more positive outcomes occur.


I came across this Mentoring program whilst getting a supply of Men’s Survival Handbooks for the men in my world. Grant gave me Hope for Recovery for my son when sadly family where not able to step up. Luke has started to come out of his shell again. Facing life with renewed Hope as someone was willing to come by his side and ride life with him. An excellent, life changing Program.

Luke’s mum Cathy Williams

LGBTIQ in the Great Southern

The Men's Resource Centre is a safe space for LGBTI people in the Great Southern, and we promote acceptance and celebration of minority sexualities and gender identities in our community. If you require assistance out of hours please contact the agencies below.

If life is in danger call


or go to your local emergency department

13 11 14
Crisis Care
9223 1111
Toll Free – 1800 199 008
Crisis Line
13 52 47
Youth Line
1800 198 313
Suicide Call Back Service
1300 659 467

Mental Health Emergency
Response Line – 9224 8888
Perth Metro – 1300 555 788
Peel Region – 1800 676 822