This program was developed to assist blokes to learn new coping skills or reconnect with old survival skills to make living life a little easier. When you complete the program, share your new skills with mates so that everyone receives the benefit. Remember to reconnect to nature and sunshine (Vitamin D is important for good mental health) and set some time aside every other day to get outdoors.

As blokes we must learn that isolation will lead to loneliness which will lead to making some poor life decisions. It is strength to seek help early if you are feeling overwhelmed, it does take courage taking one small step but it could be life changing.

Social wellbeing is essential for a full and worthwhile existence; get into a habit of connecting to family and friends on a weekly basis. Join clubs and volunteer your time to sporting organisations or charities.

It is not selfish to sort your head out. You are the major priority and if you are not coping with life or having way too much going on in your head take time out to get it sorted. Counselling does work. Seek assistance early and oh yeah, "you do have to be a part of the process to get the full value".

The Staying Alive 4 Men Program is available to community's, businesses and sporting clubs. This is a free program and requires a minimum of 6 participants  The Program includes a Power Point presentation for 60 minutes with 15 minutes for questions and each participant can download the Well Man App which incorporates the 9 Tips for Staying Alive 4 Men (available March). For more information please send us an email.


Good, clear and concise. Thanks.

Good, non threatening and open.

Very genuine, good length, applicable in the work place as well as working with the rural community. Cheers.

Good presentation and a great reminder that not everyone is okay even if they appear so. Thank you.

Thanks for the reminder and refresher.

Increased my knowledge about suicide and what to look for and how to broach the subject. Thank you.

Focused on key messages and fantastic resource/work booklet. Thanks guys.